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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ca. 1900: Jewish Lane in Frankfurt. Old Photo - col7713

Old photo from Germany with a view of the “ Judengasse” ( Jewish Lane ) in Frankfurt.
Slight aging, small fault. Scarce photo. Size: 2.5 x 4 inches.

The oldest Jewish quarter in Frankfurt was located in the area just south of the Cathedral. Jews were driven from the city in 1349, but began to return to that same area after about 1360. In 1462, they were again forcibly removed from the city by decree of Friedrich III and re-settled in the northern part of the Wollgraben, just outside the 13th Century city.

This area was separated from the rest of the city by three special gates. That Jewish lane was very narrow with mostly small half-timbered row houses. Numerous fires repeatedly destroyed large sections, but rebuilding did little to change the character of the lane. In 1808 the gates between this Jewish Quarter and the rest of the city were removed, and by 1811, Jews were again finally allowed to live outside of the Ghetto.

Since the end of 19th century it is called Boernestrasse, named after the Poet Ludwig Boerne who was born in that lane.
Ca. 1900: Jewish Lane in Frankfurt. Old Photo - col7713

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