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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ludwig Hohlwein Aviation Postcard Preis der Lüfte

Exciting German Aviation Postcard by Ludwig Hohlwein

Ludwig Hohlwein postcard 

Very decorative and powerful, lithographed postcard by Ludwig Hohlwein. “Deutscher Rundflug 1925. B.Z. - Preis der Lüfte”.

The postcard depicts a man with wings (probably Daedalus from the Greek myth). The postcard has been used in Germany in 1938. Signed: Ludwig Hohlwein München. Good condition.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Pan-Slavists: Mocking Postcard WWI

Pan-Slavists: Mocking Postcard WWI Wiener Caricaturen

old Austrian telephone card

WW1: b/w postcard „Panslavisten“. Russians, heavily drinking, funny text. War series by „Wiener Caricaturen“. Published by Wiener Caricaturen. Good condition.

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Old Chinese Photo with German Missionaries in Shanghai

Antique Chinese Photo with German Fathers in Zihawei

antique Chinese photo 

Old Chinese photograph from 1902 depicting 2 German missionaries and Chinese students in the missionary Zihawei (子哈维) in Shanghai as they are busy with wood carving.

Explanations in German at reverse.

11,9 x 9,5 cm. Good condition.

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