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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

W.W.II.: 4 Passes with Soldbuch and Wehrpass. 1 Person

W.W.II.: Fur documents, identifications, for one solder of WW2 from Austria: Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Reisepass and Arbeitsbuch.

Many entries in Wehrpass and Soldbuch, inclusive present by the Fuehrer.
Strong wear of the Soldbuch, as usual, but no pages missing or tears.

Interesting lot, since all the passes belonged to one person.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Old Qingdao Postcard. Watch at Kiautschou

2. WK. 1915: Decorative postcard, depicting a German marine on a vessel near Qingdao.
Artist signed, patriotic slogan.

Used as fieldpost from a Russian cavalry division.

K.D. Feld-Postexped. Cavall.-Div. 2416 - cancellation.

Fine condition.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Seeteufel Felix Graf Luckner Autograph on Postcard. CoA

Earl Felix Luckner b/w portrait postcard with authentic signature by Earl Luckner, hand-signed.

3,6 x 5,6 inches, very fine condition.

The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Felix Graf von Luckner (1881 -1966) was a German nobleman, navy officer, author and noted sailor who earned the epithet Der Seeteufel (the Sea-Devil) -- and his crew that of Die Piraten des Kaisers (the Emperor's Pirates) -- for his exploits in command of the sailing commerce raider SMS Seeadler (Sea Eagle) in 1916-1917.

It was his habit of successfully waging war without any casualties that made him a hero and a legend on both sides.

He was the great-grandson of Nicolas Luckner, Marshal of France and commander-in-chief of the French Army of the Rhine.

During the Second World War, Hitler tried to use him for propaganda purposes, though, as a Mason, he was not in one of the Nazi's favoured groups of people. Luckner refused to renounce his membership of the Masons or the various honorary citizenships granted in the US, and consequently he suffered by having his bank account frozen. In 1943, he saved the life of a Jewish woman, Rose Janson, whom he provided with a passport he found on a bombsite, and who subsequently managed to escape to the US via a neutral country.

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