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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kainz Bronze Plaque by Hofner 1910

Kainz Bronze Plaque by Hofner 1910

Kainz Bronze Plaque
Hofner Bronze Plaque Josef Kainz

Decorative Art Nouveau bronze placque “Josef Kainz”. Kainz-bust at front side, kneeling man at reverse. Artist signed: O. Hofner Otto Hofner (1879 - 1946) was an important sculptor and medalist.

Diameter: 60 mm, warm patina, good condition.

Josef Gottfried Ignaz Kainz (2 January 1858 - 20 September 1910) was an Austrian actor of Hungarian birth. He was highly active in theatres in Austria and Germany from 1873–1910. Revered as one of the greatest actors of the German-speaking theatre, the city of Vienna annually bestowed a theatre award for outstanding acting performance named after him, the Kainz Medal, from 1958 to 1999 (replaced by the Nestroy Award in 2000).

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