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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friedrich Gulda Autograph: Early Signature, 1960s

Friedrich Gulda autograph: Authentic signature on real photo, signed in the early 1960s. 5,8 x 4 inches, fine condition. The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Friedrich Gulda Autograph

Friedrich Gulda (16 May 1930 - 27 January 2000) was an Austrian pianist who performed in both the classical and jazz fields. Together with Joerg Demus and Paul Badura-Skoda, Gulda formed what became known as the "Viennese troika".

 In 1982, Gulda teamed up with jazz pianist Chick Corea and wrote a Prelude and Fugue with a theme suggesting swing. ( Keith Emerson performed it on Emerson, Lake & Palmer's The Return of the Manticore ).

In addition, Gulda composed "Variations on The Doors' 'Light My Fire'". Gulda is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding piano players of the 20th century.

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