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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Park Chung Hee, late Korean President Autograph. CoA - col7855

박정희, 朴正熙, Park Chung Hee, Bak Jeong-hui, assasinated Korean President Autograph: Park Chung Hee, late Korean President Autograph. CoA - col7855: "Although Park is generally credited as playing a pivotal role in the development of South Korea's economy by shifting its focus to export led industrialization, his authoritarian tendencies were unpopular. His rule saw the rise of the jaebeol, a family company system similar to the Japanese zaibatsu. These companies include Hyundai, LG, Samsung and others.
After almost a decade in power since 1963 under an electoral system that saw Park just barely squeeze through a tight presidential election in 1971 against Kim Dae-jung, Park introduced the Yusin Constitution in 1972 that effectively transformed his presidency into a legal dictatorship. This move alienated many segments of South Korean's population.
On August 15, 1974 a botched assassination attempt by North Korean agent Moon Se-gwang ( 문세광, 文世光 ) claimed his wife Yuk Yeong-su's life instead. Park himself was assassinated on October 26, 1979 by Kim Jae-kyu ( 김재규 - 金載圭 ), the director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency and long-time friend."

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